5 Myths About Eyes, Debunked!

The mere thought of losing one’s eyesight can send chills down one’s spine. No wonder several myths abound about what damages our eyes, and what protects them. On the occasion on World Retina Week, here are 5 of the most common myths, debunked!


Myth: Eye exercises delay the need for spectacles
Eye exercises neither improve nor preserve vision. Your eye sight depends on many factors including the shape of your eyeball, the health of your eye tissues. Trust me neither of them can be significantly changed with eye exercises.


Myth: Reading in dim lighting worsens vision
Dim lighting tire your eyes quickly but not damage them. Make sure the light shines directly on the page. In fact, a desk lamp with opaque shade pointing at the material is ideal.


Myth: Carrots are food for vision
Indeed, carrots which contain vitamin A, benefit the eyes. But fresh fruits and leafy vegetables containing vitamins C and E are even better. Antioxidants protect the eyes against age-related degeneration. Carrots can not prevent or correct problem of nearsightedness or farsightedness.


Myth: Taking a break from glasses or lenses allows the eyes to rest
Incorrect. If you need glasses/lenses use them. Not wearing them instead tires your eyes. But yes, not wearing them does not worsen your vision or cause any sort of eye disease.


Myth: Excess computer usage is bad for your eyes
Using a computer doesn’t damage your vision. Yes it definitely strains and tires the eyes. In fact, prolonged staring at the computer screen does reduce the frequency of blinking, thus leaving the eyes dry. Adjust the screen to avoid harsh glare, rest the eyes briefly after every 20 minutes and make a conscious effort to blink to help your eyes stay lubricated. You should be good!

Image: Creative Commons


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