Top Summer Fruits To Try

What’s in the season? Summer- fruits with happiness and goodness

There are so many refreshing summer delights and fruits which help you maintain a good and balanced heath in this overall harsh season.

Now let’s have a look at some of the most popular summer fruits

Mango: It is known as the king of all fruits with a unique flavor which contains fibers and iron. So just dig your teeth into it and enjoy the juicy and mouth-watering mangoes.


Lychee: Soft, fleshy, sweet & succulent flavored fruit which is popular in summer. It is very good for maintaining a healthy skin throughout this season.

Watermelons: One of the many popular fruits that are known for their water storing capacity which keeps our body hydrated and prevent it from heat stroke. You just can’t have a summer without melons in your basket.

Oranges: This fruit has its tangy flavor with a goodness of Vitamin K and C. This fruit has large amount of roughage. It is also very essential for infants to have a healthy quantity of oranges in their regular diet as there are often cases of vitamin-k deficiency in infants. So, don’t skip this tangy fruit from your meal.

Strawberries:  Mouth-watering sweet fruit with freshness. They contain dietary fibers and are rich in vitamin C. Grab some strawberries for your ice-cream dressing and not to forget the delicious strawberry milk-shake


Stay summery, stay happy!

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